92nd USAAF-USAF Memorial Association PX

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Route as Briefed, by John S. Sloan
History of the 92nd Bomb Group published first in 1946
92nd Bomb Group (H)  Fame's Favored Few
Anthology history of the 92nd Bomb Group
published by Turner Publishing Company
Magnesium Overcast: The Story of the Convair B-36, by Dennis R. Jenkins $42.00
Davison Diary Davison Diary
Wartime diary of 407th Squadron navigator Ralph S. Davison. Covers missions flown from 20 December 1943 through 27 April 1944
The Mighty 8th Mighty Eighth in World War II, by Brig. Gen. J. Kemp McLaughlin
Memoirs of General McLaughlin's years with the 92nd from 1942 - 1945
92 PIX and Address (P) 92nd Pix and Addresses-- Sloan $12.00


92 PIX and Address (P) Furniss DVD
Films taken by William E. "Doc" Furniss, MS, MD, 327th Squadron Flight Surgeon, 1943-1945

US Version
European Version



Patches and Pins

325th BS Patch 325th BOMB GROUP

5" Square Patch
Half Dollar size Pin

326th BS Patch 326th BOMB GROUP

5" Square Patch
Half Dollar size Pin

327th BS Patch 327th BOMB GROUP

5" Square Patch
Half Dollar size Pin

407th BS Patch 407th BOMB GROUP

Half Dollar size Pin

8th AF Patch 8th Air Force Shoulder Patch $10.00
92nd BG Patch 92nd BG Patch $10.00
memorial print Triangle (B) BG Tie Tack
Memorial Print (See Header of Newsletter

92nd Memorial Assoc. Logo 92nd USAAF/USAF Memorial Assoc. Patch
92nd USAAF/USAF Memorial Assoc. Decal
( US or UK)


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