Commanders of the USAAF and USAF 92nd

92nd BOMBARDMENT GROUP (1 March 1942)

  Col. James S. Sutton March 1942
Lt. Col. Baskin R. Lawrence May 1943
Col. William M. Reid May 1943
Col. James W. Wilson September 1944
Lt. Col. Albert L. Cox August 1945
Lt. Col. James A. Smyrl October 1945
Major Victor A. Cherbak October 1945
Col. John G. Eriksen August 1946
Col. Brooks A. Lawhon October 1946
Capt. William A. Carrithers December 1946
Lt. Col. Frank A. Sharp July 1947
Col. Albert J. Shower July 1947 #

# Became the first 92nd Bomardment Wing Commander

92nd BOMBARDMENT WING (17 November 1947)

Col. Albert J. Shower Nov 1947
Col. James E. Briggs April 1948
Lt. Col. James E. Johnson August 1948
Brigadier General James E. Briggs September 1948
Col. Clifford H. Rees March 1949
Col. Kermit D. Stevens July 1950
Col. Conrad F. Necrason August 1950
Col. Clifford H. Rees September 1950
Col. Conrad F. Necrason October 1950
Col. Clifford H. Rees November 1950
Col. Conrad F. Necrason January 1951
Col. Claude E. Putnam, Jr. April 1951
Col. McLyle G. Zumwalt June 1951
Col. Kenneth B. Hobson June 1951
Col. Edgar S. Davis January 1952
Col. David Wade February 1952
Brigadier General James V. Edmunson November 1952
Col. Jack J. Catton March 1954
Col. Ronald A. Campbell July 1955
Col. Robert B. Hurley August 1956
Col. Clarence A. Neely August 1956
Col. Robert B. Hurley October 1956
Col. Clarence A. Neely January 1957
Col. Edward A. Perry December 1957
Col. Donald E. Hillman January 1958
Col. Lester F. Miller May 1959

92nd STRATEGIC AEROSPACE WING (15 February 1962)

Col. Rueben A. Baxter June 1962
Col. Daniel V. MacDonald July 1962
Col. Rueben A. Baxter July 1962
Col. David I. Liebman August 1962
Col. Edison F. Arnold June 1964
Col. Alex W. Talmant March 1966
Col. Woodrow A. Abbot June 1967
Col. Robert H. Gaughan January 1968
Col. Robert H. Gooch March 1968
Col. Robert H. Gaughan September 1968
Col. Robert H. Gooch March 1969
Col. Frank W. Elliott, Jr. July 1969
Col. Richard F. Heller, Jr. January 1970
Col. Clyde R. Denniston, Jr. January 1971
Col. Donald L. Keplinger June 1971

92nd BOMBARDMENT WING (31 March 1972)

Col. Martin C. Fulcher April 1973
Col. Louis C. Buckman February 1974
Col. John R. Stewart, Jr. June 1975
Col. Philip A. Brennan April 1976
Col. Alan H. Lancaster June 1977
Col. John A. Shaud June 1978
Col. David A. Moore June 1980
Col. Charles A. May, Jr. July 1981
Col. John R. Allen, Jr. August 1982
Col. James W. Meier August 1984
Col. Thomas J. Harris December 1986
Col. Arnold L. Weinman February 1989
Col. Michael G. Ruotsala July 1991

92nd WING (1 September 1991) then
92nd BOMB WING (1 June 1992)

Brigadier General James M. Richards August 1992
Col. William C. Brooks August 1993

92nd AIR REFUELING WING (1 July 1994)

Brigadier General Gary A. Voellger July 1994
Brigadier General Arthur J. Lichte August 1995
Brigadier General Paul Essex November 1996
Col. Timothy C. Jones November 1998
Col. Erwin F. Lessel, III February 2000
Brigadier General Randal D. Fullhart February 2002
Col Anthony M Mauer August 2003
Col. Scott M. Hanson July 2005
Col Thomas J Sharpy May 2007
Col Robert D Thomas September 2008
Col Paul H Guemmer June 2010
Col Brian M Newberry August 2012
Col Charles B McDaniel July 2014
Col Ryan R. Samuelson July 2016