Former Fairchild Heritage Museum & Air Park

Fairchild AFB opened near Spokane, Washington, in late 1942 as an aircraft maintenance and supply depot, repairing some 1,750 B-17s as wells as B-24s and other aircraft during World War II. The 92nd Bomb Group and all its subsequent reincarnations have made the base their home since July of 1947.

The Fairchild Heritage Museum and Air Park at Fairchild is a military museum dedicated to preserving the history of manned flight since the Civil War, focusing on the history of military units assigned to Fairchild, Geiger Field, Felts Field and Fort George Wright (later George Wright AFB) as well as significant regional events and personalities.

The museum was begun by Fairchild AFB in August 1980 and has enjoyed support from the Air Force, Fairchild AFB and the community since that time. Because of continuing Air Force budget reductions, however, the museum faces an uncertain future.

A new organization has assumed the responsibility of re-establishing the museum. The Armed Forces & Aerospace Museum Socieity a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization. You can visit their website at: