Can You Help?

We have a great archives and Bob Elliott has done a commendable job over the years as our group historian, but once in a while we need a little help filling in a few details regarding missions or incidents or life in general in the 92nd or in identifying photographs. Sometimes we get requests for help from other people.

Please take a look at the requests below. If you can help, please contact the individual listed on that page, and thank-you very kindly!

  • James Holdren Memorial - Joss LeClercq stumbled across the Holdren crew memorial while researching a Fort from another group that went down near Holdren's. His research turned up very little information on the memorial. Do you know anything about the memorial? Were you maybe there when it was dedicated? Do you know who designed it, built it, etc.?

  • A book on Bovingdon Air Field by Mike Humphrey
    Check out the photos Mike sent along.
    If you can help, Mike's e-mail address is:

  • Mission 1 - 6 September 1942 - It is thought that ground crew people flew as crew members on this mission. Can anyone confirm this? Can anyone confirm that PFC William J. Angliss, who flew with 2 Lt. Leigh Stewart - 327th Sq - on this mission and was shot down was a "ground pounder?"

  • Mission 4 - 15 May 1943 - 1 Lt. Lowell Walker - 407th Sq - was shot down on this date while flying a/c 230003. This a/c has been listed as both Man of War and War Eagle. Does anyone know the correct name of this a/c (or did it go by both names)?