The Definitive History of Bovingdon Air Station 112

By Michael Humphrey

B-17E used for training on instructional site 2 next to gymnasium. Does anyone know which aircraft this was, i.e. serial number/squadron, etc.? Also how it came to be? Was it a damaged aircraft from Bovingdon? Photo taken in late 1941-42.

Fusing point bomb store shed right at the back of the airfield. I photographed it 8 Jan 2000. One of two left on the airfield as of this date.

Cropped image of bomb area showing outside bomb stores on left of photo next to Great Wood. Rifle range was just off photo to the right. Strawberry Wood, which had dispersals all the way around it, is at the bottom. Photo taken 17 July 1943.

Good shot showing all of Technical site. Round building (Dome Trainer) can be seen. There is a P-38 Lightning between T-2 Hangars 1 & 2 and a B-17 here; also a B-17 at right of photo on dispersal pan. Note array of aircraft types on airfield in two groups between control tower. These consist of a few twin engine aircraft, probably Cessnas; possibly a couple of US Mk.V Spitfires and P-47 Thunderbolts. There could be a couple of L4 Piper Cubs, etc., as well. Part of photograph taken 17 July 1943.