Lt. Eugene M. Wiley - pilot
a/c 19051
Lt. James Dempsey, Jr. - pilot
a/c 19021
Both 407th Squadron

24,000 feet above coast of France
heading east over English Channel
apparently caused by sun, frost on windows

Dempsey, in number two position, flew up and into Wiley, in number three position

Dempsey peeled off, went straight down, but made it back to base safely
had vertical stabilizer almost completely cut off
horizontal stabilizers partially wrecked
rear gunner's hatch, part of fuselage damaged

Wiley's a/c had huge hole in fuselage
# 3, 4 engines vibrating badly
wing dripping gasoline
props bent
nose hatch torn off
BT broken
Wiley tried to release bombs, but they stuck
finally released them w/emergency release
made bee-line for English coast, landing at Detling