1 Lt. Robert L. Campbell - 326th Sq - pilot
a/c Ruthie - 25916
just after bombs away two gas tanks punctured by cannon fire
fuselage torn to shreds
wing flaps knocked down into braking system
hydraulic system wrecked
one landing wheel punctured

20 mm shell through floor between waist gunners
entered radio compartment, wounded RO Sgt. Glenn E. Johnson
knocked out radio
John C. Ford - T - also wounded, possibly at this time

Campbell fell out of formation
jumped by FW 190s
one came in from six o'clock low
Sgt. Richard O. Gettys - BT - hit by 20 mm shell which pierced glass, exploded inside turret
seriously wounded in the face, chest, groin
BT still partly serviceable
Gettys getting weak, but continued to fire guns till collapsed

Campbell brought a/c down on deck
two JU-88s tried to shoot down, but were beaten off

a/c approached English coast, still on deck
lone Me 109 flew alongside waist position a few minutes
finally gave a little salute, waggled his wings, flew away

when started to land, Campbell discovered flat tire
held a/c on the runway as long as he could
then whirled her around in front of the control tower

Gettys received the Distinguished Service Cross for his actions.

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