9 October 1942


327th Squadron

a/c B-17E 19018
Second and last E model lost on operational mission

Last observed in flames over Holque, five miles north of St. Omer

1 Lt. Francis H. Chorak P K
2 Lt. Joseph J. Fracchia C P
2 Lt. Grady W. Roper N E?
2 Lt. Charles G. "Kolly" Kolodzinski      B P
S/Sgt. Paul R. Gordon E P
S/Sgt. John J. Dolan R K
M/Sgt. James E. Lane BT? K
S/Sgt. Donald E. Buckland W? K
S/Sgt. Malcolm Culpepper T K

407th Squadron

Cpl. Archie Cothren W P badly wounded, pushed from a/c by BTG Sgt. Oscar R. Billings over Graveslines in hopes of getting him assistance from those on ground


Airman Squadron Position Status Pilot
Lt. Col. Stuart M. Porter 407 W W Griffith
Cpl. J. G. Cottros 407 W W Griffith
Sgt. Paul R. Taylor 407 E W Griffith
Laurence E. Dennis 407 R or BT W Griffith
Cpl. F. E. Hurn 407 ? W Griffith
Sgt. G. E. Williams 407 TG W Shaefer
Oscar R. Billings 407 BTG W Keck