4 July 1943


407th Squadron

a/c B-17F 229967

believed to have hit water, burned
six chutes seen to open
all POWs

Airman Position
1 Lt. John J. Campbell P
2 Lt. Hubert V. Stephenson C
2 Lt. Burr P. Hereford N?
2 Lt. Benedict Kilgrow, Jr. B
T/Sgt. Robert H. Hetrick R
T/Sgt. Charles D. Chenoweth E
S/Sgt. Richard K. Rasdall BT
S/Sgt. Maurice J. Guymon WG
S/Sgt. Lester M. Arlington WG
S/Sgt. Harold L. Burton T


Airman Squadron Position Status Pilot
Sgt. Richard O. Gettys 326 BT seriously injured by 20 mm shell in groin, chest and face Campbell
Sgt. Glenn E. Johnson 326 R wounded by 20 mm shell Campbell
S/Sgt. John C. Ford 326 T 20 mm in right leg Campbell
S/Sgt. Gerald L. Swanger 327 WG slight facial injuries Pugh

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