26 July 1943


325th Squadron

a/c B-17
all killed

last seen to hit water about 10 minutes off island of Nordernay w/one engine on fire, tail chewed up

Crew Member Position
1 Lt. Alan E. Hermance P
F/O V.V. Cates C
Lt. Cornelius V. Corkery N
Lt. Oliver P. Lauffer N
S/Sgt. Earl N. Demasters E
Sgt. James T. Ellenberg R
Sgt. Theodore A. West BT
Sgt. Walter L. Landers W
Sgt. Marion F. Semrad W
S/Sgt. William W. Smith T


Airman Squadron Position Status Pilot
1 Lt. Robert L. Campbell 326 P K self
S/Sgt. Tyre C. Weaver 326 E W 1 Lt. Robert L. Campbell
S/Sgt. Etheridge Lamm 407 E K 2 Lt. Ralph Bruce

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