17 August 1943


327th Squadron

a/c B-17 F-60-DL
hit by fighters over Kuttekoven; bailed out

Crew Member Position Status
Capt. Roland A. Sargent P P
Lt. Keith E. Byington C P
Capt. Robert McNeely B P
Sgt. George L. Mikel NG P
Sgt. James L. Berry E E
S/Sgt. Charles J. Sailer R P
Sgt. Harry S. Richards BT E
Sgt. John J. Witley W P
S/Sgt. Nathan Schwartz W P
Sgt. Kenneth F. Fahncke TG E

a/c B-17 F-75-BO
229853 (407th Sq a/c?)
hit by e/a near Euskirchen about 1445

all POWs

Crew Member Position
1 Lt. James D. Stewart P
Leonard E. Landes C
Frank A. Smith, Jr. N badly wounded in shoulder by 20 mm shell before bailing
Charles H. Henderson B
Dan Carlisle E
Elmer John Collins R
John E. Waschs BT
Gerald L. Swanger RW
Steve Solga LW
Charles E. Lewis T


Airman Squadron Position Status Pilot
T/Sgt. Lester La Mar 407 E hit by fragments of exploding shell. Hit in left leg. He was given sulpher and morphine. Prasse
2 Lt. Bertram R. Theiss 407 B wounded in left cheek Carlson

Other Injuries

Airman Squadron Position Injury Pilot
S/Sgt. Ray V. Cupp 327 T got cramps due to heated suit not functiong Booker
S/Sgt. Stanley H. Miskovsky 326 BT nausea from greasy foods Wolfe
Sgt. John H. Benson 326 BT passed out; reason unknown Foster

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