6 - Sept - 1943


327th Squadron

a/c B-17 F-80-BO
230000 D

enemy fighter opposition; seen going down a little south and west of Paris

handwritten notes from mission debriefing:
South of Paris fighter attacked at ... [unreadable]... at 5:00. Hit Bogard a/c in tail with big gunfire. After explosion rudder whipped around. Put wheels down. Stayed level, but lost altitude and speed. Three chutes opened. These came out of nose. Probably waist and tail gunmen dead. Horizontal stabilizer held. The a/c went into a flat spin going down. No one saw him hit. Tail gunner Sgt. Cupp on Booker's crew saw FW 190s shoot at parachutists from Bogard's ship. Radio Op. on Booker's ship also saw these FWs fire at parachutists.

Crew Member Position Status
1 Lt. Wayne C. Bogard P P
2 Lt. Robert D. Larsen C E?
2 Lt. James M. McGrew N P
Sgt. Tayler D. Harrison B E?
T/Sgt. Max Gibbs R E
T/Sgt. Arthur R. Beach E E
S/Sgt. Floyd M. Carl BT E
Sgt. Frank T. Lusic LW P
S/Sgt. Herschel L. Richardson RW E?
S/Sgt. Cloe R. Crutchfield T E

a/c B-17 F-30-VE
25890 F

enemy fighter opposition; went down near Posse, 23 miles NW of Paris; out of gas

1 Lt. Richard A. Christenson P E?
2 Lt. Lee D. Crabtree C P
2 Lt. Arthur Stienmetz N P?
2 Lt. William E. Harnly B P?
S/Sgt. Michael G. Zelenak R P?
Sgt. James T. Cimini E E?
Sgt. Jordan W. Young BT P
Sgt. Joseph W. Cagle RW E?
Sgt. Norman R. Wagner LW P?
Sgt. Kenneth R. Moore T E?

407th Squadron

a/c B-17 F-80-BO
240010 X (camera ship)

from group report to wing HQ:
A/c 010-X observed to crash 5018N 0210E at 0815 hours. Five men parachuted. Three chutes blossomed. One chute failed to open. One chute was afire. Apparently no e/a attacking and no flak. A/c observed burning amidship at 16,500. Wing broke off at 16,000 1225 hours at 5030N 0040E at 10,000 feet. A/c ditched in sea.

1 Lt. Colman R. Asher P K
F/O Harvey F. Protzman C K
2 Lt. George. R. Francis N K
2 Lt. John S. Chapman B K
T/Sgt. Otto H. Pfannebecker R P
T/Sgt. James H. Jones E K
S/Sgt. William Rice BT E
S/Sgt. George C. Maerki RW K
S/Sgt. James G. Wilson LW E?
S/Sgt. Harry H. Plyler E P

Aircraft That Ditched

326th Squadron

a/c B-17 063 J

1235 ditched Pedensey Bay near Beachy Head
sea very rough, but perfect landing
lost first engine five minutes after crossing enemy coast at 1215, second five minutes later, last two out within two minutes of each other 1230-1233. Hit by flak near primary target area caused loss of gas and forward controls and flew sideways. Picked up 1310. A/c floated 35 minutes.

Second ditching for Belongia. First was 26 June 1943.

1 Lt. Blair Belongia P
2 Lt. Robert B. Klein C
F/O Howard F. Eaton N
2 Lt. George D. Jackson B
S/Sgt. James Q. Lovett R
S/Sgt. Charles M. Few E
S/Sgt. Samuel A. Purvis BT
Sgt Alfred J. Antonacci RW
S/Sgt. Stanley C. Sztorc LW
S/Sgt. Joseph M. Walsh T

327th Squadron

a/c B-17 F-80-BO
230007 B

A/c ditched 20 miles SE of Selsey Bill. Time was 1258. In water one hour and ten minutes. Picked up by ASR launch number 198

1 Lt. John O. Booker P banged, bruised in ditching
2 Lt. Jas. A. McAvoy C banged, bruised in ditching
2 Lt. John J. Bradley N banged, bruised in ditching
2 Lt. Charles E. Bennett B
T/Sgt. Porfirio D. Garcia R
T/Sgt. Wayne E. Licher E wounded
S/Sgt. Ralph A. Richardson BT
S/Sgt. John W. Hancock RW
S/Sgt. Eugene M. Simpson LW
S/Sgt. Ray V. Cupp T

407th Squadron

a/c B-17 F-60-DL
23428 O (camera ship)

ditched 1220 at 50 20' N 00 25'E
all crew suffered scratches in ditching

2 Lt. Robert W. Carlson P injured in ditching
2 Lt. David T. Kindt C
2 Lt. James R. Blackburn N
2 Lt. Frank A. Price B injured in ditching
T/Sgt. Hubert E. Sprague R injured in ditching
T/Sgt. Bobby L. Boutwell E injured in ditching
Sgt Clifford J. Pruitt BT
Sgt Frank J. Holczman RW
Sgt John M. Trainer LW injured in ditching
Sgt Roy P. Ladd T injured in ditching

407th Squadron

a/c B-17 B-80-BO
229965 L

ditched six miles off French coast north of Le ... [unreadable; probably Le Havre]... at 1247

1/ Frederick T. Prasse P
2/ Jos. S. Thornton C
2/ David C. Besbris N
S/ Fred Champion B
T/ Laurence E. Dennis R
S/ John Geegee E
S/ Jn W. Disher BT slight injury from ditching
S/ Ott F. Trammer - rw RW
S/ Charles H. Hartnett - lw LW slight injury from ditching
S/ Roland A. Galloway - t T


Airman Squadron Position Status Pilot
T/Sgt. Wayne E. Licher 327 E flak or 20 mm wound in right leg Booker
2 Lt. Wm. F. Munro 327 B glass in left eye caused by empty cartidge case from a/c ahead Baier
2 Lt. Basil M. Jones, Jr. 407 P Lt. Jones broken nose, cuts and lacerations of face, nose and lips. Shock. Jones
2 Lt. Herschel D. Peele 407 C concussion, cuts of forehead and lacerations Jones
S/Sgt. John J. Harrington 407 BT broken nose, cuts on face; severe shock Jones

Other Injuries

Airman Squadron Position Injury Pilot
S/Sgt. Charles B. Kendall 326 T feet burned on heated... [unreadable] Holden
Sgt James Proakis 326 LW frozen fingers Foster
Sgt Joe Pribish 326 RW frozen fingers Foster

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