20 December 1943


327th Squadron

a/c B-17 F-115-BO 230648

2 Lt. Edward H. Cole P K
2 Lt. Verdi L. Ventling C P
2 Lt. Willie F. Bowles N K
2 Lt. Jos. W. Toth B P
S/Sgt. Wm. L. New, Jr. E P
S/Sgt. John J. Hanratti R K
S/Sgt. Michael E. Stefansky BT K
S/Sgt. Lewis V. Bove RW K
Sgt. Chas. N. Doyle LW K
Sgt. Homer D. Tayler T K


Airman Squadron Position Status Pilot
Sgt. Francis F. Higgins 326 T frostbite* Shevchik
S/Sgt. Max H. Praib 326 LW anoxia* Shevchik

*Sgt. Higgins received frost bite when he lost consciousness due to anoxia.
S/Sgt. Praib died from anoxia as he was attempting to resuscitate Sgt. Higgins.

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