31 December 1943


326th Squadron

a/c B-17 F-120-BO
230733 (camera ship)

aborted around Brest; crash-landed near Bordeaux


Crew Member Position Status
2 Lt. James A. Grumbles P E
F/O Lloyd C. Busboom C E
2 Lt. Edward F. Neu N E
2 Lt. Robert G. McGee B P
Sgt. Richard J. Frievalt R P
S./Sgt. Clarence J. Muntzinger E P
S/Sgt. Alex J. Dominsky* BT E
Sgt. Hugh L. Halsell, Jr. RW P
Sgt. Miland W. Bills LW P
Sgt. Michael F. Cahill, Jr. T P

*Sgt. Dominski bailed out. Unable to evade back to England, he joined the French underground. In March 1944 he was with a small group engaged in combat with the Germans at St. Cloud de Charente. Both he and a close friend received nonfatal wounds in the battle; however, their bodies were discovered with bullets in their heads, indicating that the Germans had executed the wounded. Their bodies were taken to Poitiers and buried.

327th Squadron

a/c B-17 F-30-DL
Germans shot out engines
crash-landed in farm field in France

2 Lt. Coleman Goldstein P E
2 Lt. Shirley V. Casey C E
2 Lt. Herbert Brill N E
2 Lt. John E. Maloney B P
Sgt. Herbert C. Edenholm R P
Sgt. William A. Weber E E
Sgt. George Jasman BT E
S/Sgt. Nicholas Mucci RW P
Sgt. Emil J. Mahne LW P
Sgt. Owen R. Scott T E

a/c B-17 F-120-BO
230735, Rough Group
crew's first mission
attacked just after target; three engines knocked out
managed to crash-land in Vendee Province in France


2 Lt. Michael J. Stroff, Jr. P P
2 Lt. Alexander G. Denniston C P
2 Lt. Frederick L. Coulter, Jr. N P
2 Lt. Robert G. Meakin B P
S/Sgt. August K. Struhar R E
S/Sgt. Michael Colamonico E P
Sgt. Thomas W. Martin, Jr. BT P
Sgt. Stanley L. Prus RW P
Sgt. Anthony L. Mills, Jr. LW E
Sgt. Harold F. Maher T E


Airman Squadron Position Status Pilot
2 Lt. Winslow C. Reid 407 P minor scratches from flying glass from windows; 20 mm cannon shell hit copilot's side window Reid
2 Lt. James W. Prior 407 C minor scratches from flying glass from windows; 20 mm cannon shell hit copilot's side window Reid
S/Sgt. Wm. J. Orme 325 R hit by 303 in right thigh Halderman
Sgt. John J. Love, Jr. 325 T hit by 303 wrist and hand; also in right thigh Halderman

Other Injuries

Airman Squadron Position Injury Pilot
Sgt Ray E. Redding 326 BT air sick and passed out Koss

Last updated 11-2-05 1950 est (2250 z)

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