5 November 1943


327th Squadron

a/c B-17 G-1-VE 239831 L
hit by flak just past the target
finally shot down by an FW 190
crew bailed

Crew Member Position Status
Capt. John O. Booker P P
Maj. Wilson P. Todd new Sq CO P
1Lt. John J. Bradley N E*
1Lt. Robert S. Wilkins B P
T/Sgt. William L. Warren E P
T/Sgt. Porfirio D. Garcia R S
S/Sgt. John W. Hancock BT P
S/ Eugene M. Sampson RW P
S/Sgt. Ray V. Cupp LW P
1Lt. James A. McAvoy T P

*Lt. Bradley was taken captive and imprisoned in the Brussels Civilian Internment Camp. He escaped, along with 2 Lt. Ford W. Babcock, who was shot down 1 January 1944, when patriots derailed the train on which they were being evacuated to Germany. The Germans abandoned the train and the prisoners.


Airman Squadron Position Status Pilot
1 Lt. William B. Rose 326 P hit in back w/part of oxygen bottle from 20 mm fire Rose
T/Sgt. William A. Gurke 326 E hit in leg above right knee w/20 mm Rose
T/Sgt. Howard B. Scott 407 E AA wounds in "right chin and cheek" Lyng

Other Injuries, Illnesses

Airman Squadron Position Injury Pilot
2Lt. James L. Hunt 326 N anoxia Rose
S/Sgt Grady H. Gwin 326 BT sick and passed out coming into enemy coast Shannon
Thos. R. Buckingham 407 LW bends Miles

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