4 October 1943


326th Squadron

a/c B-17 230646
attacked by two FW 190s just after leaving target
last seen going down under control with #2 engine, wing on fire

2 Lt. Carson Fleming P P
2 Lt. Arthur M. Larson C P
2 Lt. Robert W. Purdom N P
S/Sgt. Joseph N. Suss Tog P
S/Sgt. Raynold H. McMann R P
S/Sgt. Hugh H. Spencer E P
S/Sgt. Florian J. Fenclau BT P
S/Sgt. Alfred J. Antonacci RW K
Sgt. Thomas A. Cleveland LW K
S/Sgt. Joe Turon T P


Airman Squadron Position Status Pilot
T/Sgt. Glen R. Hansen 326 R injured in back by 20 mm shell. Stayed by guns until collapsed. Refused help, demanding gunners stay at position.
awarded Oak Leaf Cluster to Silver Star in February 1944
Sgt. Raymond F. Pencek 326 E Pencek hit by shell high in thigh; climbed back to post on two occasions to man guns when e/a attacked
second mission after being in hospital two weeks with appendicitis

Other Injuries, Illnesses

Airman Squadron Position Injury Pilot
S/Sgt. Richard A. Spellerberg 326 R nauseated and weak ears gave trouble on descent. Bad headache Foster
S/Sgt. John H. Benson 326 BT passed out, not for more than 20 minutes Foster
T/Sgt. Ingvard A. Jensen 327 R right foot burned Tucker
S/Sgt. Carl O. Atteberry 326 T tail gunner burns on right leg. Faulty suits. Makowski
2 Lt. Robert J. McCarthy 407 N frostbitten feet Kindt
2 Lt. Frank A. Price 407 B air sick Kindt
John M. Trainor 407 LW frozen fingers Kindt

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