9 October 1943


326 Squadron

a/c B-17 F-75-DL
This a/c was straggling as group entered Danish Coast on way home. Fighters came in on the a/c, tried to close into the formation. The B-17 was hit with a rocket shell and number two engine was seen to burst into flames. The prop was feathered and the B-17 lost altitude. Two crews reported seeing the B-17 hit the water...Six chutes were seen.

Crew Member Position Status
2 Lt. William F. Whelan P K
2 Lt. Frank F. Tomlinson C K
2 Lt. David T. Emery N K
2 Lt. Fred S. Rodway B K
S/Sgt. John D. Neville R P
T/Sgt. Harold R. Hecker E K
S/Sgt. Glenn H. Winch BT P
S/Sgt. James D. Batson RW P
S/Sgt. Ralph S. Martinez LW P
S/Sgt. Walter J. Zimmerman T P

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