14 October 1943


326th Squadron

a/c B-17F-90-BO 230231 O
all POWs
rocket hit the wing root, blowing the wing off
1357 hours over 5017N-0733E
seen to go down in spin on fire
one chute seen before a/c exploded at 21,000 feet

2 Lt. Ray E. Clough P
F/O Jas. H. Dickens C
2 Lt. Frederick J. Bird N
2 Lt. Wm. F. Fraser B
T/Sgt. Jones B. Jackson R
T/Sgt. Bandy A. Herman E
S/Sgt. Jas. J. Cauley BT
S/Sgt. Jack H. Calvert RW
S/Sgt. Geo. L. Woiblett LW
S/Sgt. Arthur B. Bomberger T

B-17F 230387F-100-BO
seen at 1342 hours over Düren losing altitude from 21,000 feet
numbers 3, 4 engines on fire; one prop feathered
nine chutes seen
mission reported stated it was possible one man had already bailed as "escape door was seen to have come off quite some time before the nien chutes observed"

Maj. George L. Ott P/325th Sq CO P
1 Lt. George L. Long C P
2 Lt. Malcolm A. Champagne N P
2 Lt. Jerome S. Tiger B K
S/Sgt. Richd. A. Spellerberg R P
T/Sgt. Raymond Hottenstein E P
S/Sgt. John H. Benson BT P
Sgt. Harold W. Clark RW P
Sgt. Joe Pribish LW P
S/Sgt. James Proakis T P

327th Squadron

B-17F-115-BO 230654 W
seen to explode when rocket hit bomb bay

1 Lt. Julian T. Brown P P
2 Lt. Harold C. Toombs C K
2 Lt. Fred L. Dougherty N K
S/Sgt. W. S. Harrison Tog K
T/Sgt. James E. Giebell R K
T/Sgt. Donald J. Sack E K
S/Sgt. John I. Johnson BT P
S/Sgt. George A. Rinko RW K
S/Sgt. Vaughn E. Bowers LW K
S/Sgt. Raphael C. Simeroth T P?

B-17F-120-BO 230824 hit by 20 mm shell fired from an Me 109 just before target
went down under control after bombing target

2 Lt. Frank M. Talbot P K
2 Lt. Elvin C. Erickson C K
2 Lt. James H. Houser N P
2 Lt. Edward L. Walter B P
S/Sgt. Gerald F. Young R K
S/Sgt. Edward M. Evans E K
S/Sgt. Donovan W. Jones BT P
S/Sgt. Arlen R. Harmon RW P
Sgt. William C. Tench LW P
S/Sgt. Nelson W. Smith T K

407th Squadron
B-17F-115-BO 230708
lost to e/a at target
2 Lt. William J. Byrne P K
2 Lt. Clyde S. Fairchild C P
2 Lt. Robert J. McCarthy N P
Sgt. George W. Reynard Tog P
Sgt. John D. Carr R K
S/Sgt. Robert W. Fisher E P
S/Sgt. Anthony V. Gerard BT K
S/Sgt. Jack M. Pmphrey RW P
S/Sgt. Ernest R. Raines LW P
Sgt. John G. Krupinsky T P

B-17F-115-BO 230726 S
1 Lt. Stafford W. Webb P K
2 Lt. Harry G. McIntosh C P
2 Lt. James R. Blackburn N K
S/Sgt. Joe C. Castillo Tog K
Sgt. Harold F. Cooke R P
S/Sgt. Albert D. Drgon E K
S/Sgt. George J. Caldon BT P
Sgt. Carl W. Ward RW P
Sgt. Joseph F. Lory LW K
S/ William Woodward T P shot trying to escape


Airman Squadron Position Status Pilot Details
S/Sgt. Winston M. Toomey 407 Tog K Miles fatally wounded by HE shell fragment; refused treatment until dropped bombs; died in plane; posthumously awarded Distinguished Service Cross
1 Lt. Richard W. Lyng 407 P W n/a gash length of left forefinger
S/ John E. Disher 407 BT W Lyng 20 mm in right foot
1 Lt. J. B. Liebman 407 N W Tucker left leg, right arm; not serious
S/Sgt. A. J. Gallo 407 R W Sewall slight 20 mm shell injury

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