4 January 1944


325th Squadron

a/c B-17F 23494
407th Sqadron airplane
lost to AA at target
all killed

Crew Member Position
2 Lt. Raymond J. Mancu P
Robert L. Owen C
Lee W. Brennan N
James R. Hughes B
Harold W. Wolf E
Maurice E. Helsom R
Francis C. McEnery BT
Howard D. Benson RW
Kenneth J. Miller LW
Russell O. Sehm T

326th Squadron

a/c B-17 231016

2 Lt. Joseph C. Hughes P P
2 Lt. Bromby S. Westlake C P
2 Lt. Albert Stern N P
2 Lt. Ford W. Babcock B E*
S/Sgt. Richard L. Martin R K
S/Sgt. John P. Ponon E P
William W. Ward BT P
Sgt. Harold Kurlanshik W P
Sgt. John S. Toth W P
Sgt. Raymond M. Milcsik T P

*Lt. Babcock was taken captive and imprisoned in the Brussels Civilian Internment Camp. He escaped, along with 2 Lt. John J. Bradley, who had been shot down 5 November 1943, when patriots derailed the train on which they were being evacuated to Germany. The Germans abandoned the train and the prisoners.

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