20 February 1944


326th Squadron

a/c B-17 G-1-VE
239770 Q

hit by flak about 50 miles SW of Leipzig after bombing
FE killed instantly
rest of crew bailed out
bomber continued to fly on autopilot
slowly lost altitude, finally landed on snow-covered ground
three motors still running
slid through valley, up slope, across Strasse Ahrdt in Altenkirchen before it stopped
Germans thought that crew had landed the a/c
searched for crew for days

Crew Member Position Status
2 Lt. Harvey H. Jessen P P
2 Lt. Dale C. Alexander C P
2 Lt. Donald M. Austin N P
2 Lt. Lynwood A. Argenbright B P
S/Sgt. Duane M. Bingham R P
S/Sgt. William G. Belk E K
Sgt. Frederick E. Arrouquier BT P
Sgt. Joseph G. Pietruszewski RW P
Sgt. Robert S. Conrad LW P
S/Sgt. Wilbur H. Brownlee T P


Airman Squadron Position Status Pilot
2 Lt. William D. Husted 325 N "hit" Berry

Other Injuries

Airman Squadron Position Injury Pilot
Sgt. Henry D. Rhodenbeek 325 BT fingertips frozen. Heated suit went out Weaver
S/Sgt. Robert T. Waddle 325 BT burned hand McDonald
2 Lt. Rexford O. Shadowen 327 C sick. Fumes from leak in primer. Carey

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