21 February 2003


327th Squadron

a/c B-17 G-15-BO
231411 R

Me 110 crashed into left wing
a/c in flames; disintegrated just before entering clouds

Crew Member Position Status
2 Lt. James A. McEvoy P K
2 Lt. Gene D. Piburn C P
1 Lt. Victor E. Barnett N K
2/ Robt. T. Bottorff B K
S/Sgt. Delbert C. Miller R P
T/Sgt. James R. McNutt E K
Sgt. George E. Lenar BT K
S/Sgt. Clarence F. Shutts RW K
Sgt. Lewis Bispham, Jr. LW K
Sgt. Orvin P. Miller T P

407th Squadron

a/c B-17 B-30-BO
231860 L

last seen over Holland with one engine out and losing altitude

Crew Member Position Status
2 Lt. Ralph K. Skoubo P P
1 Lt. William B. Campbell C P
2 Lt. Richard M. Baker N P
2 Lt. Billy R. Corretti B P
T/Sgt. Russell F. Kennedy R P
T/Sgt. John R. Hewitt E K
S/Sgt. Hal E. Poe BT P
S/Sgt. Charles S. Thorburn RW P
S/Sgt. James Dively LW P
Sgt. John F. Sherrets T P


Airman Squadron Position Status Pilot
2 Lt. Ted B. Siirila 325 N chin injury due to flak Capps
Sgt. Kenneth C. Davidson 325 T bad flak wound in right thigh. Not serious. Teachey

Other Injuries

Airman Squadron Position Injury Pilot
S/Sgt. William J. Egar 325 R frostbite on hands; no first aid McMurray
Pvt. Emmett A. McCoy 325 RW frostbite on feet; no first aid McMurray

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