25 February 1944


325th Squadron

a/c B-17 G-10-DL
237755 NV A
Dottie G

crew to Switzerland
first B-17 G to be interned in Switzerland

Crew Member Position
2 Lt. Clifford P. Beach P
F/O Homer L. Ford C
2 Lt. John P. Keefer N
Pvt. William A. Lenovich B
S/Sgt. Paul Terry R
S/ Thos H. Winkler E
Sgt. Joseph W. Martin BT
Pvt. Eugene O. Seipold RW
Sgt. George F. Schaub LW
Sgt. Raymond J. Wilcox R

326th Squadron

a/c B-17 B-115-BO
230623 L (camera ship)

hit by flak in Stuttgart vicinity; hit again at Saarbrücken, forced from formation
attacked by two Me 109s
crew began bailing out over Falstroff
a/c wingtip hit powerline; a/c crashed in grove of trees about a mile from Laumesfeld

Crew Member Position Status
2 Lt. Charles G. "Gordon" Nashold P K
2 Lt. James L. Liles C P
2 Lt. George R. Fahlstrom N P
2 Lt. Fred W. Butler B P
S/Sgt. William E. Schuff R P
S/Sgt. William J. Richardson E P
Pvt. Earl E. Keller BT K
Sgt. Paul V. Zeman RW P
Sgt. Leo J. Connors LW P
Pvt. Tommy E. Radman T P


Airman Squadron Position Status Pilot
Sgt. John W. Campbell 325 RW wounded in right elbow Easley
2 Lt. Theodore Creznic 327 N hit in calf of leg by flak. Lost considerable blood. Very good first aid afforded by bombardier. Kelley
1 Lt. Williamm J. Coughlin 327 B flak right leg, right arm Wilder
S/Sgt. David Elowitz 327 LW hit on right foot; swollen Wilder
1 Lt. Eugene E. Goldstein 327 N face cut by flak Ogburn
1 Lt. James T. Corrigan 327 B wrist probably broken Ogburn

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